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The Library will also offer private tours* of the Treasures Gallery where you can explore the stories behind the Library’s collection, from Leonardo da Vinci's notebook to handwritten Beatles lyrics.You can also explore maps and view early printed books, literary, historical, scientific and musical works from over the centuries and from around the world.Now, it looks a little as if the world is belatedly catching up with the second half of the author’s career.The Night Manager has been an unexpected hit on TV.He was handed to another part of the company, which, he was told, would contact him in a few days. You may think your query is simple and can be solved in minutes by any human being with an ounce of common sense.But instead you are plunged into the world of robot-like call centre workers, who rely on answers printed in front of them.This is also a great feature to have in order to see who it is you are playing against if you have never met before.It brings a whole new meaning to Social Gaming Our newest Feature Area forum, Clubs & LFG, is now live!

While all electric light affected circadian rhythms - the natural body clock - and sleep, night-time exposure to LED lights like those in phones and computers was 'typically more disruptive' than standard electric light bulbs, he said.

There exist, in this cruel world, people who feel that John Le Carré’s fiction never made much sense after the Cold War. His work was founded on the mysterious shadow boxing that went on between two foes who could never be sure that the other was still playing the game. It was hard to judge who had won and whether winning was worthwhile.

In the 1990s, Le Carré moved on to a variety of discontents that allowed less ambiguity: arms dealers, people traffickers, Russian drug dealers.

Bring your friends and treat yourselves after a day of hard work.

Show us your subscription to the Library’s We Chat account at the door for two free drinks. In association with the British Library in China Project *Subject to availability; please sign up on the night of the event.

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