Content of property data updating

Database connection and credential information must always be current before you attempt an upgrade operation.As I type into the text box shouldn't the _value Changed observer get invoked each time the input text is updated?In order to resolve the row that raised the error, your application should locate the data row that caused the error, reconcile the problem, clear the error, and re-attempt the update.For more information, see Locating Rows that Have Errors.An application can call the Get Changes method in situations where you must control the sequence of statement types (for example, INSERT before UPDATE).

Hi all, I'd like to update the value of my content's property in the database (and in the cache as well so that Umbraco knows about my change) without creating a new audit trail and a new version.

These values will then be written to the appropriate property file.

This method of updating credential information in property files has one exception.

When an update command has been executed, the data adapters Row Updated event is raised for each record affected.

By writing an event handler for this event, you can determine whether the update was successful.

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