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It was never likely that his work would conform to the strict socialist realism that the Soviet authorities demanded, so he carved out his own unique cinematic style.Through films like ‘Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors’ (Tini Zabutyh Predkiv), a rhapsodic celebration of Ukrainian folk culture, and ‘The Colour of Pomegranates’ (Nran Guyne), a masterpiece about Armenian poet Sayat Nova, Parajanov became an international celebrity, even as his films were banned at home and he was imprisoned.The event’s focus is twofold: on one hand, it concentrates on presenting the national literature of the hosting countries; on the other, it selects a fifth country each year to become the ‘Guest of Honour’ and feature its literature – this year it is Georgia.

I have been in matchmaking business since the year 2000, and I run my own company since January 2003.

But she met some tough lessons when she was picked up by the police several times for drinking and driving.

In a highly publicized auto accident of DUI 1/12/1997, she needed stitches to close a gash after slamming her Mercedes into trees.

There is nothing more beautiful in this world, than love.

It transforms, makes you stronger, and rises up to heaven.

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