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When it comes to the guy you’re dating, how do you know if you have both?

In my novel, Free Gift With Purchase, the main character, Emma meets and begins a steamy hot, cougar-ish relationship with Preston, a gorgeous man with the best abs she’s ever seen, but who is admittedly non-committal and calls himself “the fun guy.” Throughout their crazy, no holds barred, very physical relationship, however, Emma begins to wonder if Preston means more to her than just the guy who gets her hot and bothered between the sheets.

Since a first date is where a woman and a man first attempt to learn each other’s lingo, it’s also where many relationships go off-kilter, where the first misunderstandings and misperceptions are formed. If it were two women sharing an evening out, complaining about the food or service is perfectly fine, because talking about problems is a bonding experience on Venus.

Now if on the other hand, a woman says, “Wow this place is a real find!Originally published in 1992, Gray’s book became the best-selling relationship advice book of all time.with over 15-million copies sold worldwide and translated into over 90 languages. Let’s set our imaginary date at a nice restaurant that the guy has chosen for the first official date.This was especially true when participants were rating pictures of the opposite sex.Researchers thought the direct gaze of the person in the picture was a signal of interest, suggesting that people look directly at you when they are attracted to you.

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