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I would show them all moving on to successful careers or colleges, and give the audience the closure of 'it is all going to be alright' but maybe in a bittersweet way.I would definitely make Jade tell Beck that she loved him, it is perhaps what I'm disappointed the most in.“Beck- He keeps auditioning and gets cast in his own series of a high school student who’s also a sociopath *wink*.His new show films in another city and he and Jade break up.I will make Tori and André start dating after their "accidental" kiss, Beck and Jade stay together forever, Cat and Robbie became boyfriend and girlfriend.And later after they all dated, Tori's parents said they are going to France because of a job, and Tori and Trina had to leave L.Tori whose parents had always let her and her sister know they didn't care about their sexual preferences had an easier time letting Jade know that she was in to her even after all the hell she'd put her through.It had made seeing her happy all the more special for her, also those few times when Jade had been kind and helpful to their friends had caused her to see the good in her.

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“It all started when I was twelve years old and auditioned for a role on a show called would lead me to almost eight years on ‘Nickelodeon’ (all my teenage years).

Living in a very small village in the middle of a very big forest can be pretty interesting, especially if my average and confined life expanded to include moving to a bigger town, meeting new faces, and learning secrets I never would have believed if it wasn't for the fact that I was a part of it.

“She fainted but Beck sent her home and Andre is helping Cat with her ‘hands-controlling’” Tori makes the finger move). “I also had that hands-controlling problem, they just touch everything.

Unless it's the type of High School that goes from 8th to 12th grade, which it isn't since people are already referred to as Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. She flat out threatened Cat in front of both Sikowitz development wise, it shows that she's still in school after assaulting a student.

Rule of Funny shouldn't always cut blatant neglect on your job.

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