Updating garmin sat nav

IMHO, this is particularly hypocritical of them as they apparently use Linux and other GPL software within the satnav device itself! Unfortunately we do not support Linux operating systems; we only support Windows and MAC Operating Systems.It seems they are happy to take from the open-source community without giving anything back. I'm afraid we do not have any plans to introduce this. If there is anything else I can help you with then please let me know. I ran into the same update issue (no linux support) 7 years ago with the purchase of a Garmin device.

Streets may change, businesses move and traffic restrictions come and go, but with Garmin nüMaps, your sat nav will have access to the latest Garmin update on roads, junctions, road signs and speed limits, everything it needs to calculate the very best possible route to your destination.Alternatively you can search for a solution here: Kind regards, Garmin Europe Not sure if it is the same in Europe, here in the U. At first I was not happy, but then realized I did not want to pay the big fee to update the maps.Garmin sat navs and GPS systems are only as good as the map update you have loaded.They do support Firefox (Garmin install their own "Dashboard" add-on) but not when running on a Linux OS.Although I have not tried personally, I understand that this does not run properly via Wine either.

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